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  - William-
Sunwren's Bayeux Tapestry OTDs, AKC/ASCA CD, BN, AKC/ASCA RN, JS-O, RS-N, GS-N, OA, OAJ, CA, CL-2, CGCA, dna-vp.
Registered Therapy Dog with ATD.

Major Pointed ASCA (10pts with 2 majors)

dob - 07/07/08
Sire: Sunwren's Saxon Invasion OTDs
Dam: Mi-T's Belle Danse a Paris

ofa - hips Good elbows Normal
mdr1 - mutant/normal
hct - 1 copy

AKC DN22155601
ASCA E159094

owned, bred and adored by Jenifer Edwards/Sunwren

William chose me at 2 weeks of age and I have never looked back. He has exactly the temperament I am looking for and is an absolute pleasure to work with and train. William is currently training on stock, in agility and obedience and with only two weekends of showing in ASCA conformation now has two majors and 8 points. I expect great things from the two of us as a team plus at home he is my farm chore dog.


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